Final de proiect

Azi am avut workshopul de final al editiei I a

A fost o echipa inimoasa si frumoasa care a produs, cu aproximativ o luna si jumatate de pregatire, urmatoarele rezultate:

Selectie din prezentarea ce o sustin azi la Aspen Institute:

9000 unique website visitors in one month period!

70 000 page visits in one month period

203 applications

92% of the applicants want to start a their own business in the next 6 months

40 interviews

18 persons selected

18 successful entrepreneurs selected as mentors

5 Romanian NGO`s involved in the organization

30+ appearances media coverage in Online, press and TV

Very good feedback while evaluating the project

Multumesc mult celor implicati in proiect, mentori, organizatori, participanti. Felicitari pentru dedicare, sunt impresionat.

Daca iti pui ceva in minte reusesti!

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