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First day in Philippines we have lunch with Miss World 2014, Megan Young

After our super long flight from Europe we got a good rest in Manila at the excellent Aruga 5 stars service apartments, best rated hotel in Manilla (pictures and bookings here)  recommend by our local friend Nad Bronce.
Travelers usually get a bit scared at their first encounter with Philippines capital. It’s a huge overwhelming city under development with a population of over 20 million people in the Manila metro area, with super crazy busy traffic and no reliable public transport.
Our friend made sure we will have the best possible experience.
The entry immigration procedures were a breeze and the ride to town was comfortable in our friend’s car.
The very first day started with a great breakfast buffet in a colonial Spanish house restaurant.
To be sure that we will love Manila and Philippines Nad arranged lunch with Megan Young,  the holder of the tittle Miss World.

Megan_Young_Miss_World (1)

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