imi place sa fiu mentor, suntem în finala Intel Challenge Europe

După al treilea an de mentorat la Tineri Antreprenori, am fost invitat ca mentor la Intel Challenge Europe. Urmează să fiu mentor la, un super proiect JCI!

Intel® Challenge Europe is a regional competition that offers technology entrepreneurs:
– World class mentorship
– Expert advice
– Cash prizes
– Media visibility
– Global networking

Am reușit împreună cu mentee-ul meu din Ungaria să intrăm în finala, în primele start-upuri cu mare potențial:)

Dear Mentors,

Thank you for all your time and dedication to the competition teams over the past months.  We are happy to announce the finalists who are entering the Regional Finals for Europe this week and the mentors:

Adtelligence GmbH (Germany)    Mentor: Hannah Russin

Alapago (Romania) Mentor: Ovidiu Bujorean

CamGaN (UK)                                    Mentor: Tom Jensen

CellTV (Israel) Mentor: Min Xuan Lee

Elaphe (Slovenia)

Gaea Naturals Limited (UK)     

iletken Technologies (Turkey)           Mentor: Andrew Smolik

KwaliTools (Hungary) Mentor: Tudor Maxim

Newistic (Romania)            Mentor: Vlad Stan

Spectralmind (Germany)                   Mentor: Kelton Lynn

Strawberry energy (Serbia) Mentor: Tobias Rose-Stockwell

StockPodium (Bulgaria) Mentor: Vladimir Korshin

SubMate (France)                              Mentor: Frank Chien

Through Silicon Design Technologies (Greece) Mentor: Vishu Cupta

Winduction (UK)                               Mentor: Edward Beardsworth

We have received feedback from the teams about their experiences, and they often mentioned mentors’ enthusiasm and support, along with sound advice, as one of the most valuable aspects of the Mentorship Program.

Thanks again and we hope to have you as a mentor for next year’s competition! Please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments and we always welcome your mentor referrals.

Hope you have a great week.



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