Are independent travellers vampires?

Always in search of a new victim or always eager to be themselves one?

Many solitary travellers choose to leave their fellows and friends back home and go by themselves in the world in the search of new horizons,new cultures and new stories.
I found myself trapped in this game, of sucking all the best stories and all the best experiences of other fellow travellers, in a very short period of time. After the satisfaction reaches its highest peak we move to another person, maybe to another nationality.

Today I had one free spirited Spanish very knowledgeble of the Permaculture in Agriculture,two Dutch teachers on sexual history and two Phd Italian students,volunteers in Ghana and Senegal. A couple of days ago I had as “victims” a Scotish woman, who used to teach in Sudan and a Hungarian, living in Germany. He changed his way of seing life after 3 rough months spent by himself in India at the age of 20.
I started the week with a young Chilian Erasmus student in UK very fond of his country and not so fond of his Argentinian neighbours and with an Australian that got fired, went to UK, bought a byke and came to Morroco.

In between I sucked the travel blood of a Swiss guy that slept under the clear sky,in January in the Saharian desert.
From one local I learnt that Morrocans are fond of being burried next to the sea so they will have a very quiet and relaxing sleep.

All of them are victims on a voluntary basis. It works simple. You take a good bite of their stories and they drink the cocktail of your travels, with no strings attached.
Tomorrow it is a new day, a new place and a new dance of energies.

Until then let’s have a tea in Sahara.

#Tudor Maxim, travel in Morroco, January 2012

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