Consumerism si Hiper-Competitivitate vs Life

Bill, a successful American stock broker, is in vacation in Mexico on a pristine beach where fishermen just brought back their catch. Marveling at the variety and amount of fish he asks Pedro what will he do with all the fish.

P: Sell it at the mercado!

B: What will you do with the dinero?

P: Go home, have Juanita prepare some nice tamale, have a few cervezas con los amigos, play the guitar and watch the sunset.

B: Do you always catch this much fish?

P: Si senor. Esto es un small catch.

B: Really?!? You could catch more fish?

P: Absolutamente senor. But what will I do with so much fish?

B: You could sell it and buy a bigger boat.

P: What for?

B: To catch more fish.

P: Porque?

B: To sell, make more money and buy more boats.

P: Si senor. But what will I do with more boats?

B: You could open you own cannery. I could teach you how to ship the fish to New York and you make even more money. Then when you are ready to retire you can sell it all and make millions. It would be perfect.

P: Si senor. But what will I do with so much dineros?

B: You could retire on a Mexican beach, have your wife cook you a nice meal every evening, drink cerveza, play the guitar and watch the sunset with your amigos.

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